David Goyer Talks BLADE Reboot, JGL in JUSTICE LEAGUE, And His MAGNETO Script

David Goyer Talks BLADE Reboot, JGL in JUSTICE LEAGUE, And His MAGNETO Script

While promoting his new series on Starz, Da Vinci’s Demons, David Goyer talked about the likelihood of a Blade reboot, says barley anything about whether Joseph Gordon-Levitt will appear in Justice League, and his work on a Magneto script that ultimately found its way into X-Men: First Class.

David Goyer is riding pretty high these days. This summer The Dark Knight Trilogy came to a close, which he helped bring to the big screen, and he is currently developing a new series for Starz titled Da Vinci's Demons. While promoting the series he was asked by Crave Online if he thinks Blade will be rebooted since the rights are back at Marvel. "“I do. Now that Marvel/Disney have recaptured the rights, I’m sure it will be [remade]. They made too much money on that character to not reboot him at some point,” he said. When asked if he thought Blade not being Disney enough should stop it from being made. Goyer responded, "I mean, look, between merchandise and what not, that little character generated almost a billion dollars.” He also went on to squash any hope of seeing another Blade movie with Wesley Snipes as the title character by saying that there is too much water under the bridge.

Goyer was also asked about the rumor that wont die as well, the possibility of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as Batman, appearing in Justice League. Like his good friend Nolan, Goyer played it close to the vest saying, “I can absolutely not answer that question. Sorry." Adding some skepticism to this rumor is the bit of new info that just surfaced that JGL is one of the front runners for Star-Lord in James Gunn's Guardians of The Galaxy. While this wouldn't completely put down the rumor, the likely hood of him devoting time to two huge franchises like this is not very big.

Before X-Men: First Class came out, Goyer was working on a script for a solo Magneto movie. While this movie never saw the light of day, he said that First Class took some of the elements for Erik's back story from his script. "It did. It did. It was sort of that but expanded. I was a little bummed. They definitely took some elements from our script," he explained with a laugh. Goyer's next movie endeavor Man of Steel will hit theaters on June 14th.

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