Stephen Dorff Speaks Out Again On A Deacon Frost Movie and The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Stephen Dorff Speaks Out Again On A Deacon Frost Movie and The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Stephen Dorff Speaks Out Again On A <em>Deacon Frost</em> Movie and The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Actor Stephen Dorff in talking with io9, briefly spoke out on a Deacon Frost movie and described the Marvel Cinematic Universe as weird.

Stephen Dorff, who will be seen in Tarsem Singh's Immortals spoke to io9 about the film and what attracted him to the role of Stavros. However, at the end of the interview, the discussion turned to what seemingly is Dorff's passion project, a Deacon Frost/Blade prequel trilogy. Here's what was said:

On if the Deacon Frost movie(s) will ever be made:
Maybe, but I don't know. I mean me and Steve Norrington, who's a mad genius, want to do something together again, but he has a tricky time working in Hollywood. He doesn't really like studios, so we'll see. One day I can maybe summon him out. I wouldn't want to go near that with anybody but him. Also, Marvel seems to now be owned by Disney and they're doing all these different weird things, putting all these characters together, and group movies and strange things. It doesn't feel like we'd probably do it that way. We'd probably might conceive of something else, and do more of a graphic novel type thing is what we've been talking about.

On what the Deacon Frost prequel would focus on:
I don't know. The idea before was we were going to do almost a prequel like how he became a vampire because he was always, I guess, turned in the movie. He wasn't a true blood, he was like a half-blood, I don't know what they call it, its been so long. But we talked about kind-of how did Deacon become that guy. We were going to do almost a Scarface version in New York, really gritty. really mean, and almost show this lonely, empty guy and the transformation and set up almost our own little franchise with it. It's an idea that Steve had, it might not even be a Deacon Frost movie. It might be a whole new envisioning of a vampire movie, which maybe we will create now, so we're kind of up in the air. There's been a lot of different things written about it. Every time somebody asks me, I say something and then it's on Google, but it was a great character. It was way bigger than I ever thought. People still come up to me and talk to me about the movie, even though it's been like 12 something years.

With Marvel now reacquiring the rights to Blade, I'd say a Deacon Frost spin-off prequel has about as much chance of happening as Reed Richards showing up in The Avengers. Still, I will say that Dorff's Deacon Frost in Blade was one of the film's highlights and he was part of re-ushering superheroes back to the big screen so I have nothing but respect for the guy. Despite what asinine statements he might make about The Avengers and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Be sure to head over to io9 and read the whole interview which is mostly about Immortals and also includes quotes from the lovely Freida Pinto.

"Why, why? Why can't I get my Deacon Frost movie?"

Stephen Dorff (born July 29, 1973) is an American actor, best known for portraying Stuart Sutcliffe in Backbeat, Johnny Marco in Somewhere, Public Enemies, and for his roles in Blade and Cecil B. DeMented. He will next be seen playing a thief in Tarsem Singh;s Immortals.

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