Wesley Snipes Isn't Ready To Give Up Playing Blade Just Yet

Wesley Snipes Isn't Ready To Give Up Playing <em>Blade</em> Just Yet

Speaking to Deadline, the actor revealed that he might be interested in portraying the Daywalker again. Of course, he's not the only one!

Wesley Snipes has had a few problems recently. Well that's an understatement. The actor was looking at 3 year stint in prison for a little misunderstanding with the IRS. Now he's back and looking to make movies again. During an interview with Deadline about an upcoming producing gig on Code Name Zorro, which focuses on FBI Chief J Edgar Hoover's vendetta against Martin Luther King Jr., Snipes told them that he might not be ready to hand up the Vamp killing gear just yet.

"Acting is my main lane, and I’m planning to expand that, taking the success of films like Blade and marinating that into something that flourishes. Maybe we get around to doing another Blade, except, from what I’m reading, every other actor is talking about playing him, and nobody is talking to Wesley. How strange that they don’t come and talk to me about it.”

Those other actors Snipes is referring to would include Idris Elba and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje who have both expressed interest in possibly taking over from Snipes as the Marvel Comics vampire hunter. Snipes has played Blade in three previous movies, the third being, well, shite to put it bluntly. There is no denying that Snipes did a great job as Blade. I'm sure many fans would be very happy to see him reprise the role.

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