Is Glee Star Heather Morris Our New Buffy?

Is <i>Glee</i> Star Heather Morris Our New Buffy?

The young actress is apparently the front runner to take over from Sarah Michelle Gellar as the Vampire Slayer in the upcoming reboot from WB..

Movieweb met with an associate of Dolly Parton's Sandollar Production Company, which sold the Buffy the Vampire Slayer rights to Warner Bros. They suggested that Morris, who is one of the stars of the hit tv show Glee, is being looked at to play Buffy Summers in the big screen reboot of the Joss Whedon show..

The source claims that Glee's Heather Morris has been brought up many times in regards to who will follow in Kristy Swanson and Sarah Michelle Gellar's footsteps. And now we are hearing that the actress is actively being sought to take on this highly coveted role.

There was outrage from fans of the hugely popular tv show when this reboot was announced, especially since the show's creator Joss Whedon will have nothing to do with it. Although it was recently revealed that Whedon was actually asked to get on board the reboot and declined. Not too much is known about how the new story will differ from the show, or which, if any, of the popular cast of characters will make the jump to the movie. However Movieweb seem to reveal a few more details..

The source indicates that Heather Morris's comedic timing is a perfect fit for Buffy Summers, and that her background as a dancer and a gymnast will be greatly utilized in the skill set that Buffy is supposed to have as a Slayer. In this new reboot, Buffy will no longer be in high school, but instead facing the same hardships that a lot of young college graduates have today in struggling to find a paying job and a healthy relationship.

Morris has been a back up dancer for Beyonce Knowles, as well as starring in the movie Fired Up. She is best known for portraying cheerleader Brittany S. Pierce in Glee. Until we have more solid info on this, treat it as a rumor.

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