6 Most Likely Heroes Who Could Become The New CAPTAIN AMERICA In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

6 Most Likely Heroes Who Could Become The New CAPTAIN AMERICA In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

Following the news that Steve Rogers will no longer be Captain America when Avengers: Infinity War rolls around, we take a look at some of the most exciting and likely candidates to take over the mantle.

In case it wasn't clear by the time the credits rolled on Captain America: Civil War, the Russo Brothers confirmed yesterday that Steve Rogers will no longer be Captain America when Avengers: Infinity War begins. It remains to be seen whether that will be the status quo for just part of that movie or in the Marvel Cinematic Universe moving forward, but it's entirely possible that we're getting a new Cap. 

However, if that is the case, who should take over the mantle? Looking at the comic books, there are a number of possible candidates, all of whom would bring something very different to the persona as they wield the shield on the big screen for the first time. Looking at the movies, there are also some candidates in those who could become Captain America, so read on for the most likely possibilities. 

6. John Walker

The Avengers were left split down the middle at the end of Civil War, and if Iron Man and the US government want a new team of heroes to fill the void, recruiting another Captain America would make sense. Tony Stark may have been left with the shield, but bear in mind that Everett Ross said it actually belongs to the government, something which would obviously allow them to pass the mantle on to someone of their choosing while the fugitive Steve Rogers is out there fighting crime under a new persona.

If things do play out like that, then who better to take over than John Walker? Better known as U.S. Agent, seeing his very different methods as the new shield bearer could be a lot of fun, while him butting heads with Iron Man and the rest of his new teammates would be a must. It would be particularly interesting to see whether the Russos take him down the anti-hero route or make him more villainous in nature. 

5. Isaiah Bradley

If you've read the 2003 limited series Truth: Red, White & Black, you'll know that it revealed that African American test subjects were used during World War II in an attempt to recreate the process which turned Steve Rogers into Captain America. The only successful candidate was Isaiah Bradley, a hero who would go on to become known as the "Black Captain America" and an underground legend among much of the African-American community in the Marvel Universe.

His origin story would obviously need to be updated for his big screen debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Avengers: Infinity War could very easily turn him into a willing soldier recruited to fill the void left by Steve Rogers. Should he fall in battle, Marvel could even introduce Elijah Bradley (perhaps his younger brother rather than grandson in this world) as Patriot, the leader of the Young Avengers, a team who could easily carry a movie.

4. Tony Stark

Had Marvel Studios not already introduced the Iron Patriot, that's a transformation Iron Man could have easily undergone in Avengers: Infinity War. Now that Rhodey has already worn the costume, the chances of that happening seem highly unlikely, but the Armoured Avenger being the one to wield the shield could still happen. It was after all created by his father, and him taking it into battle would make for an interesting talking point when we next pick up with the character (the sight of Iron Man holding it on posters and the like would also make for a great visual). 

Having it close by like this would obviously also make it much easier for it to be returned to Steve Rogers when the time for that inevitably comes, and there's definitely the potential for a compelling story by making Iron Man the new "Captain America" for a spell even if he's never actually referred to by that name and it's only implied. 

3. Bucky

With Black Panther coming out before Avengers: Infinity War, it would be very cool if that movie features an after-credits scene revolving around Bucky stealing back Captain America's shield from Iron Man just like he did in the comic books following the apparent death of his oldest friend. There are a lot of different factors to take into account in regards to whether or not things are going to be able to play out like that, but there's still a chance we could see the former Winter Soldier suit up as the new Cap by the time Black Panther rolls around.

After all, it's entirely possible that Steve could get his hands back on it during Infinity War, only to fall in battle or simply decide he doesn't want it, giving it to Bucky and making him the Marvel Cinematic Universe's new Captain America in time for the Infinity War sequel. Fans have been clamouring to see Sebastian Stan suit up in this role for a long time now, and the Russos could very well make it happen.


2. The Falcon

While the comic books seem to go out of their way to follow what's happening on the big screen, the opposite could arguably be said for the way Kevin Feige handles the stories told in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, just like the rebranding of Ms. Marvel means we're getting a Captain Marvel movie come 2019, it's entirely possible that the movie studio has taken note of the popularity of Sam Wilson's stint as Captain America.

Similar to Bucky, there are a number of ways that the mantle could be passed on to The Falcon, though it's obviously hard at this stage to predict how that could go down. The apparent or actual death of Steve Rogers in Infinity War seems like the most likely option, but not seeing Steve there for the final battle against Thanos in the next instalment of The Avengers franchise would obviously be a great shame. Still, of all the possible replacements, Sam is definitely one of the most likely.


1. Steve Rogers

I considered sticking a left field choice here like Norman Osborn or even Sharon Carter, but let's be honest, the most likely candidate to become Captain America in Avengers: Infinity War is...Captain America! While the movie is obviously going to start with Steve Rogers and his fellow fugitive Avengers on the run, it's inevitable that the two teams will reassemble to take on Thanos before the credits roll (or at least by the time the sequel to this movie is released).

With that in mind, Steve once again suiting up and wielding the shield is a must, and seeing him do so in a brand new costume which is quite a bit different to the version seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron and Captain America: Civil War would be awesome. There's no denying that seeing a new Captain America on the big screen has some plus points, but at the end of the day, there's only one true Cap. The sooner he's once again wielding the shield, the better. 

Which of these characters would you most like to see suit up as the new Captain America in Avengers: Infinity War? As always, share your thoughts in the usual place.  

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