Budget For the Captain America Car Chase Sequence In Manchester Revealed?

Budget For the <i>Captain America</i> Car Chase Sequence In Manchester Revealed?

Check out a few images of 1940s vintage cars as they're being unloaded for the Captain America set, in Manchester, where the gaurding unloading them reveals the budget.

Just from the several images we've seen over the past few weeks, showing the Northern Quarter of Manchester as it transforms into 1940s New York, we see that Marvel Studios & director Joe Johnston are going to great lengths for Captain America: The First Avenger, and it's 1940s accuracy.

One might ask the price of having a few false shopfronts constructed with several other props to give the "Manchester" sequence, which consists of a dramatic car chase along with a simulated explosion, great accuracy. Well Mike Fryer of Captain America Filming in Manchester / Frostbite blog, says that he spoke to a security guard while unloading a classic prop you can see below, and he told him the entire sequence will cost approximately $26 Million alone.

According to Box Office Mojo, the budget for Captain America: The First Avenger overall, is an estimated $140,000,000. What do you think?
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