CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 Details At Newly Confirmed Cleveland State Location

CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 Details At Newly Confirmed Cleveland State Location

Captain America: The Winter Solider is now confirmed to be filming at Cleveland State University. Plus, a box marked "Rumlow" has been seen on location. UPDATED with more photos and a video now!

A newly confirmed filming location for Captain America: The Winter Soldier has been discovered at Cleveland State University this morning. No images of actors in costume have been taken but some interesting details have emerged. (The main actors are in the movie, right?)

Per Cleveland State University's security personnel, Marvel Studios has taken over CSU's Rec Center. Details from the source say a scene is being filmed inside of the Rec Center involving the Washington D.C. police and SWAT.

Vague details were provided.

"The police arrive looking for someone at some kind of a game, or perhaps workout session, and interrupt whatever is going on during the scene."

One thing to highlight is that of a box seen outside of the Rec Center with the marking "Rumlow" on it. In other words Brock Rumlow, also known as the comic book villain Crossbones, might be the police's person of interest at this location. However, this is The Daily SuperHero's own speculation based on the visual evidence of the Rumlow box.

Perhaps actor Frank Grillo is finally making his appearance at the Cleveland location today. Last week Grillo did tweet out on his Twitter account that he was on his way to Cleveland.

Check out some photos of the D.C. police actors prepping for their scene and the Rumlow box below. And hopefully more details arise from this new filming location.

UPDATED with a few more photos and a video now!

Stay tuned as The Daily SuperHero is your on location source for Captain America 2 in Cleveland.

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