CAPTAIN AMERICA EXCLUSIVE: Director Joe Johnston Offers Commentary on EW Photos — And, Yes, there WILL Be Nazis

CAPTAIN AMERICA EXCLUSIVE: Director Joe Johnston Offers Commentary on EW Photos — And, Yes, there WILL Be Nazis

Last week Entertainment Weekly's name burned through the Internet with its exclusive imagery from Captain America. This week, CBM's SciFi Media Zone exclusively presents director Joe Johnston's comments on those images.

Interview with Joe Johnston conducted by and copyright Edward Gross

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JOE JOHNSTON: This is a frame grab from the rebirth scene, a moment after Steve steps out of the rebirth pod. He's a little dazed by the transformation process and a bit wobbly on his feet, but looking for all the world like a super-hero. Chris worked out for days for the shot of the pod opening and revealing his new self, and the iron pumping really paid off.

JOE JOHNSTON: This shot shows the rebirth pod with Steve inside. Erskine is about to begin the procedure.

JOE JOHNSTON: Red Skull about to evaporate a trio of Nazis who have come to confiscate his technology to serve the Reich. Hugo Weaving was really the only choice for Red Skull. Hugo is a chameleon as an actor. He's played so many incredibly versatile roles, from the LORD OF THE RINGS films, MATRIX, PRISCILLA QUEEN OF THE DESERT. He's never failed to create a multi-layered and complex character. In my own experience with him on THE WOLFMAN, he took a part that was much less significant and inspired us to develop the character into a pivotal role. I wanted Hugo to play Red Skull to SEE what he would bring to the character. He's one of those actors you don't want to look away from."

JOE JOHNSTON: A gang of Hydra bikers intent on chasing down Steve on his custom Stark-modified Harley Davidson.

JOE JOHNSTON: Hayley Atwell and Chris Evans are seen in uniform in Allied Headquarters, a fantastic multi-room set constructed at Longcross Studios, an ex-tank factory outside of London.

JOE JOHNSTON: The submarine was built by Paul Corbould's team of special effects technicians. It can actually dive and resurface, travels at 12 knots, has a watertight compartment for the actor, Richard Armitage, who plays a very convincingly evil spy, Heinz Kruger.

JOE JOHNSTON: The last picture is a shot of Chris, returning from Steve Roger's first mission, when we goes AWOL to rescue his pal, Bucky Barnes.

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