CAPTAIN AMERICA EXCLUSIVE: Joe Johnston Teases the Film's Super Bowl Teaser

CAPTAIN AMERICA EXCLUSIVE: Joe Johnston Teases the Film's Super Bowl Teaser

In an exclusive, albeit brief, conversation, director Joe Johnston and CBM editor Ed Gross discuss his return to the comic book genre following the Rocketeer, and the challenges of creating the Super Bowl spot previewing the film.

SCIFI MEDIA ZONE: This is your second comic book-based movie, The Rocketeer having been the first. Is it a genre that you're enjoying and is it one you'd like to visit again?

JOE JOHNSTON: Technically, THE ROCKETEER was based on a one-off graphic novel, but there are similarities. I'm having a blast on Captain America but it has less to do with the genre than with the story itself. The story of Steve Rogers is the only "super hero" movie I ever really wanted to do, because of who he is...basically Everyman. The creative team on Captain America also wanted to prove that a period action movie can still work just as well as a modern day or futuristic one. I forget I'm watching a period film when I watch Raiders of the Lost Ark, and I think the same will be true of this picture. To Marvel's credit, they have never said no to any of the action sequences, and several of them are pretty spectacular...and most importantly they service a solid story.

SCIFI MEDIA ZONE: I know a great deal of time has gone into crafting the Super Bowl spot for the film. How much pressure is there to deliver what is essentially the world's first look at this movie?

JOE JOHNSTON: It IS the world's first look at the film, but at some point you have to put that pressure aside and just concentrate on making it the best Super Bowl spot it can be. The challenge is really what to leave in and what to leave out when you only have 30 seconds, and the marketing people at Paramount have done a stellar job of finding that balance. I think it will give the world just the right taste of what the film is without giving away too much. You will definitely get a sense of how rich the imagery is and how intense the action, and it will whet your appetite for the two and a half minute trailer coming soon.

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