Captain America Sub Scoopage

Captain America Sub Scoopage

CBM has received a tip from "Wez" that provides a little more illumination regarding the whole sub scene in The First Avenger: Captain America. As far as we can tell, still no sign of Sub-Mariner or The Invaders.

Here's what Wez had to say:

"Hey just found out what the sub scene is. The guy who shoots doctor Erskine and makes off in the taxi somehow escapes Cap and runs into some sort of dock with Cap chasing, and as Cap closes in the bad guy throws a kid into the water, forcing Cap to give up the chase and save the kid. The bad guy then jumps into the mini hydra sub and makes his getaway, I think. That's what they have rehearsed all day after completing the taxi scenes."

So, as previously pointed out by our savvy CBM commenters, the sub is a hydra vehicle and not a conveyance for the Invaders, or prince Namor--who would have no need of a sub in any case.

Here's a bit more and some new pics from Wez...

"Meeting my mate tomorrow night who was cast as the driver of the bus I took the pic of. In the picture of the bus there is a wall to the left. My mate told me that all the extras were being filmed there in a que and had to act like it was the entrance to the statue of liberty. On the right hand side you can see the USO poster with Roosevelt on it. I couldn't get a better picture of it as I was getting shouted at by a rather peeved off security guard...

Hopefully I will get more (pics) on Wednesday when I go back but my mate who is an extra says they are working inside the Stanley dock Walls so might not see much. Sam Jackson is reportedly going to be there on Wednesday. His scenes have something to do with the submarine as far as I know. The hydra jetski pic you guys posted last week is actually the submarine being reported about. Also the taxi scene that chris is filming the end of today ends with him ripping the taxi door off and as he holds it up the star is over his chest hinting to his costume.

Good stuff Wes! Keep it coming.
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