Captain America: Super Soldier Comic-Con Demo Walkthrough

Captain America: Super Soldier Comic-Con Demo Walkthrough

Take a look as Brandon Gill, the game director, leads through the complete demo, playable at New York's Comic-Con and gives some insights on the production.

I think these videos give a good point of view on how SEGA/Next Level Games tried to make a decent MARVEL/Cap Game.

But remeber, this is just an early draft of the game, so I guess it just represents like 30% of the real deal.

I think it looks decent. But at this point, I won't put out if it is already better than the Iron Man games. But the mechanics seem to have improved, graphics are still meeh and the movements look a bit slow, I mean its Cap we are talking about right?

Don't you also think, that Caps face just looks a little bit strange?

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