Captain America TFA Review. WARNING SPOILER ALERT!


Captain America: The First Avenger was overall a very good film. Chris Evans was phenomenal in the part of Cap and Hugo Weaving was great as the villainous Red Skull. Now, with all that said let's begin the ridicule.
Tommy Lee Jones was a funny character but without any general background his character is otherwise a bland army guy with hardly any appeal. Also, Sebastian Stan who played Bucky Barnes in this picture had a character that he could've done so much with, but due to poor writing on this particular character and his acting style which could be compared to flat soda I could not have cared less when Bucky died in a strangely unheroic death. This is a shame because I was always a fan of Bucky; he brought depth to Captain America and made him less of a douche. However in this adaptation Cap was more like the Ultimates style character and more family friendly so Bucky wasn't really needed.
I like Captain America and I'm glad his band of Howling Commandos was in it, but with barely any input they were really just scapegoats to give the Cap more authority in a scene.
With all this I would like to include that I thought the following four parts were very well written and thought out.
1. Steve Rogers aka Captain America. I really found myself relating to this poor, gangly guy who was given a chance to do something great. 'Nuff said.
2.Dr. Abraham Erskine. This character brought life into the first part of the film, lifting some of the weight off Chris Evans' shoulders. Stanley Tucci was amazing in this role and it would have been a far worse movie without him.
3. Peggy Carter. As the love interest Hailey Atwell did wonders for this film and was really the character who brought Steve Rogers out of his shell to become Captain America.

That's all folks! Tell me what you think and get back to me!
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