Captain America Trailer To Be Delayed, Apparently Footage "Isn't Amazing"

<i>Captain America</i> Trailer To Be Delayed, Apparently Footage "Isn't Amazing"

Nothing official here, but word is that the trailer will be some time away and the general consensus of those that have already viewed it is not too positive!..

When those few seconds of footage aired on ET last week everyone assumed that Marvel would be getting ready to unleash more footage and maybe even the full trailer very soon. It looks like that's not to be I'm afraid. Word is that we will be waiting a little (maybe a lot) longer for that highly anticipated trailer for Joe Johnston's Captain America: The First Avenger.

Branding Consultant Greg Littley had this to say..

Not good news.. I'm hearing that the “Captain America: The First Avenger” trailer is being delayed. Footage isn't 'Amazing'.

The delay seems to be legit, but as for the lack of quality well that's just something we will have to wait and find out for ourselves. But everything we have seen from the movie so far has looked great, and even though I have my reservations about Johnston, I'm not going to jump on this as confirmation of my concerns until I see that footage for myself. Johnston did say in an interview with Ed that they would be waiting until the footage was perfect which suggests that the trailer that was screened was not a finished effort. Either way, It looks like we will all have to have a little more patience before having a look at Cap in action.

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