CAPTAIN AMERICA: TWS: Anthony Mackie On The Falcon's Telepathy, AVENGERS 2 & More

CAPTAIN AMERICA: TWS: Anthony Mackie On The Falcon's Telepathy, AVENGERS 2 & More

In an interview with Screenrant, the Pain And Gain actor is quizzed about his role in the upcoming Marvel sequel. He manages to sidestep a few questions very well, but does reveal a few new details. Read on for more..

Mackie has already spoken about playing The Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier but most of the questions have been about his costume and his training regime to get in shape for the role. Screenrant try to mix it up a bit in their interview, and come right out and ask him about some of the things that have been on fan's mind since it was announced that the character was going to get the big screen treatment. When asked whether this version of The Falcon will have a telepathic link with birds, Mackie remains coy but does reveal that this Falcon will be an amalgamation of three different comic versions of the character.

"What they do is the Falcon has had two or three incarnations over the life of the character, so they took all three and formed it into one character. They released the photos of my character in his uniform about two weeks ago, so all of that stuff we’re figuring out and we’re going to play into taking down the Winter Soldier."

On whether the Russo brothers' previous work on Arrested Development will mean a more comedic tone.

"You know what, it doesn’t feel that way. The Russo brothers are very good as far as putting people in a situation that’s funny and letting them find their way out. But also with this movie, what they’re doing that’s really cool is allowing us to find those dark beats. They’re allowing us to really make those characters real people as opposed to slapstick comedy cartoons."

He is then asked if he'll stay "ripped" for The Avengers sequel.

"I hope so. I hope. I don’t know if I’m in Avengers 2 yet, but if I am, I’m definitely going to do my damnedest to try."

For the full interview click the link below.

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