Captain America:The First Avenger The Pro's And Con's

Captain America:The First Avenger The Pro's And Con's


Cap will finally be getting the big screen treatment but now I'll want to look at what we've seen so far


.First of all with the casting of evans in my opinion was a perfect casting. He owns cap just like RDJ and Chris Hemsworth own their roles

.The Suit Has the feel of a rugged baggy WWII look

.The Actors playing The Howling Commando are perfect

.The wings are painted on his helmet I mean would you want actual wings then that would look plain gay

.The Red Skull I have a feeling hugo weaving will nail it as he is an amazing actors who uses his skill to actually become the charcter

The Evolution of cap from a scrawny weakling to a massive supersoldier from his USO days to present I believe will have the audience connect with the character.not the war or supersoldier part lol.


.Some parts of the costume should be ditched like the shoulder pads and the red straps but we will probably get that in The Avengers

.The Red Skull having ears other than that perfectly fine

Well that's all folks since we havent seen too much, please feel free to comment.
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