Jeremy Renner Confirms Who He's Siding With In CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR

Jeremy Renner <font color="red">Confirms</font> Who He's Siding With In CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR

While Hawkeye's allegiance in Captain America: Civil War was rumored and reported by several outlets, Jeremy Renner himself, while attending Wizard World Comic Con Chicago, confirmed that he's siding with the man he teamed up with in the Avengers! That man is...

While it was never really officially announced (nor confirmed) who Hawkeye was siding with in Captain America: Civil War, Jeremy Renner while attending Wizard World Comic Con Chicago revealed that he's siding with the Soldier, Captain America! "I don't know; they wrote me in that side, it made sense to me." Renner said regarding his character being on Team Captain America.

This was previously reported as a rumor from Heroic Hollywood, and some fans speculated this after seeing a set photo of Renner wearing a hat labeled "Team Captain America." All in all, we now have official confirmation that Jeremy Renner's Hawkeye WILL side with Captain America in upcoming film, and he will not turncoat! At least I think he won't..."Maybe I switched sides!" Renner jokingly said afterward.

What do you think? Will Hawkeye and Black Widow remain friends after this? Will Iron Man get an arrow in his armor's head? I'm sure we'll find out the answers to all of this soon enough! Sound off below with your thoughts!

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