Possible Details On 'Spider-Man''s CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Tech

Possible Details On 'Spider-Man''s CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Tech

In the Marvel Civil War comics, Tony Stark provides Peter Parker with his Iron Spider armor to aid him in his battles against Cap and his anti-registration allies - but that may get a slight tweak for the Captain America: Civil War movie! Possible SPOILER after the jump...

For various reasons, Marvel's Captain America: Civil War movie will only be loosely based on Mark Millar's source material, but there will still be certain elements that are sure to carry over. One such element many fans have been hoping for was Spider-Man's awesome Iron Spider costume that Tony Stark makes for him in the comics - but those fans might be in for some disappointment.

According to Latino Review, the Iron Spider armor won't be making an appearance - but Stark will be responsible for creating Peter Parker's web shooters! Apparently when Parker is first introduced he'll be crawling around the city in that home-made costume we've heard about, but later on in the movie Iron Man offers him an upgrade, starting with some souped up webbing and the promise of more "hero ready" suits.

In the comics Spidey ditches Stark's tech when he switches sides and joins Cap's team, reverting to his traditional costume. Whether things play out that way in the movie remains to be seen, but it's a safe bet Parker will sport at least a couple of different outfits one way or the other.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6, 2016.
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