Russo Brothers Explain Why CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Didn't Kill [SPOILER] And Address "Insurgent" Steve Rogers

Russo Brothers Explain Why CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Didn't Kill <font color=red>[SPOILER]</font> And Address "Insurgent" Steve Rogers

The Russo Brothers talk in detail about Captain America: Civil War's ending and why they decided against adapting a key moment from the comics. Kevin Feige meanwhile teases Bucky's MCU future...

Both the Civil War comic book and Captain America: Civil War may have concluded with The Avengers disassembled, but they were still very, very different. The biggest alteration is of course the fact that Steve Rogers isn't murdered, and while the movie's writers have already addressed why they took things in that direction, now the Russo Brothers have weighed in. "Frankly, it just seemed like an easy ending," Joe said of deciding against adapting the Death of Captain America. "We thought a more complicated ending would be more interesting -- to see the ramifications of that moving forward. Killing Cap ends that conceptually. There would be guilt on Tony's part." Anthony elaborated on that point, explaining: "We were saying to ourselves, the genre -- and perhaps the MCU -- has gotten to a point where the audience are sensing the patterns in the genre. Joe and I have always been about: how do we subvert genre? The more difficult and more interesting place to leave a family fight is: can these important relationships ever be repaired? Is this family broken permanently?" 

Kevin Feige went on to reveal that there were some at Disney who wanted the movie to end with the team reunited to take on a common foe, but it was the protestations of the Russos which ensured that didn't come to pass. Talk then turned to why exactly Steve left the shield behind after defeating Iron Man and what that means for his future. "Dropping the shield is a rejection of the Captain America identity and a choice to embrace the Steve Rogers identity," Anthony Russo said. Joe went on to explain that he's now a "full-blown insurgent," and that "The most interesting thing you can do is to take him from a patriot in the first film to an insurgent in the third movie." That's obviously going to be very interesting to watch play out, and Feige went on to tease another character's future; what exactly is next for Bucky now that he's on ice in Wakanda? "It... remains to be seen," the Marvel Studios boss said of Sebastian Stan possibly showing up in Black Panther in 2018. "He's certainly in stasis there. Where and when he comes out? I'm not sure..."

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