EXCLUSIVE! Director Joe Johnston Will De-Wing Another Marvel Hero

EXCLUSIVE! Director Joe Johnston Will <em>De-Wing</em> Another Marvel Hero

The man who took the wings off of Cap's head in Captain America, director Joe Johnston, reveals for the first time that another Marvel hero will lose his wings!

Director Joe Johnston made an appearance on the floor of the San Diego Comic-Con yesterday to sign teaser posters for Captain America: The First Avenger and I managed to slip in a few questions about the movie. Read on...

Brent Sprecher: How's filming coming along?

Joe Johnston: Ah, we just started, but it's going great.

Brent Sprecher: Awesome. Was it hard to get away to come over here to do [the Con]?

Joe Johnston: Well, you know, they gave the crew a four-day weekend...everybody else gets four days off and we only get one.

Brent Sprecher: Are we going to get to see The Invaders?

Joe Johnston: Oh, yeah!

Brent Sprecher: Namor. Is he going to have little wings on his feet?

Joe Johnston: Ah, no.

Brent Sprecher: I'm really happy you're doing this movie.

Joe Johnston: Thank you. Thanks a lot.

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