Jeremy Renner as Captain America?

Jeremy Renner as <em>Captain America</em>?

We've heard the rumors about Renner and the role of Hawkeye, but this article has a different view. Take a look!

So we all know about the ongoing "talks" between "The Hurt Locker" star and Marvel about the potential role of Hawkeye in several upcoming films, including "Captain America" and "The Avengers." Renner recently stated that the whole thing was blown out of proportion and that it's still just an idea at this point.

I happened to come across this article over at (sorry if this is a repost) and the writer brings up some interesting points. Here is an exerpt from the article by CineFools:

"Now here is my guess on what he is actually doing. I think Mr Jeremy Renner is actually in talks to play Captain America. With Joe Johnston hoping to start filming in June, they have to have someone in mind or even someone sealed for the deal. As they will have screen test, costume tests and all other pre production thingies that need to be done beforehand. Now that we have this rumor of Hawkeye thrown out and remembering that Marvel are sneaky buggers. This may be the curveball meant to throw us off. Hell, he may have been offered the role of Hawkeye until a screen-test made him perfect for the big man himself. As for the role of Steve Rogers/Capt America he is the right age and build. He has the right screen presence to command authority as well as that square jaw to pull of the outfit. Also there is that Ironman 2 poster rumor that Captain America will be in Ironman 2. If so then they must already have their man.

Now, think of it through Marvel’s eyes. Jeremy Renner is still fresh enough to be cheaper than a big name and he will be able to sign for numerous films. He is also bordering on stardom and this will make him an economical star for a company renowned for its shrewd ways. Also what other films has he signed onto yet apart from wrapping up The Town?"

ecksmanfan: So, I have a couple questions/comments:
1- What is the Iron Man 2 poster rumor that is mentioned?
2- While I really like Renner, I'm not sure if he's Cap. This article makes some interesting points, but I think its kind of a stretch.

What do you kids think?
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