More From Chris Evans On Playing Captain America!

More From Chris Evans On Playing Captain America!

Chris Evans had more to say concerning Captain America in this recent interview...

Chris Evans talked with Screenrush while promoting The Losers recently and had plenty to say concerning Captain America.

Fantastic Four, this one, Captain America next, is there a different approach every time for you?

"I don't think just because something is rooted in a comic book, doesn't make it any different from a movie that would be an original piece or rooted in a novel. It's just a story and as an actor you gotta find truth and tell the story to the best of your ability. You collaborate the same way with the creative people involved. For me it's a very similar process. The only difference is that you have kind of a source to kind of turn back to, to get inspiration from. Outside of that, it's all pretty similar as far as the process is concerned."

What attracted you to that new comic book character they are going to do next, Captain America and what do see in him?

"I think Marvel is doing really good stuff right now. They've branched off, they've kind of taken control of their material. I think they're really making great movies. Kevin Fiege over there is just a guy that I completely trust, he's so smart. Anything that he's behind, it's exciting."

"Steve Rogers is a fun character. He's just this very noble, honest guy, he's a good man. Even if he wasn't a superhero I think he would still be an interesting story about a guy who wants to do the right thing and gets kind of saddled with a lot of responsibility and this great gift. So it was just a great story regardless of the comic book background."

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