More Marvel Movies PLUS Captain America to be "Penn"ed

ComicMix has up a new interview with writer/director Zak Penn where he revealed that he was attached to the Captain America movie!

The talented hyphenate talks about his new movie, making comic book movies and working as a writer in Hollywood...

CMix: Do you have anything to do with the other movies? Captain America for example?

ZP: I'm attached to it. I'm also supposed to write and direct one of the X-Men spin-off movies for Fox, but that's not a Marvel film. It's not a pure Marvel movie. It's a Fox thing.

CMix: One of the X-Men spin-off movies? Any one in particular?

ZP: Yeah, it's like a young X-Men. It's a pretty cool idea, actually. I can't sell you the whole idea, but it involves a younger group of X-Men at the beginning.

CMix: You mean, like an X-Men: First Class kind of thing?

ZP: It is a little bit like that. I don't want to give away the concept of it, but it is a good idea. It is a little bit more of getting back to the classic X-Men. Some of the complaints we've talked about, it would address those directly.
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