Robert Buckley May be Cast As In Captain America

Robert Buckley May be Cast <s>As</s> In Captain America

The rumor linking Buckley with The First Avenger just became a bit more intricate. . . and believable.

Last week, I posted information I'd received from a source who works with Marvel Studios regarding the casting of Robert Buckley as Captain America. Though I was asked to pull the article offline rather quickly, a few sites were able to roll with the rumor.

Just today, Rob Keyes of reported that Buckley, though not mentioned on the unconfirmed list of five Cap candidates, did audition for the role of Captain America. Furthermore, the actor is now being considered for the role of Bucky Barnes, Cap's WWII sidekick.

This wouldn't be the first time an actor who was interested in the title role of a comic book movie gets offered another part in the film. The latest news of this circumstance was with Tom Hiddleston in Kenneth Branagh's Thor. Though he auditioned for the part of the God of Thunder, he was instead signed to portray Thor's nemesis, Loki. It's not unlikely that the person I spoke with regarding the original rumor jumped the gun in assuming Buckley's involvement with Captain America.

Though I personally think this is definitely a better casting option, his stature does fits the Cap role much closer than the current names that have popped up. This could lead to a bit of a predicament. If the list of Captain America contenders released by last week turns out to be true, how many of those actors would look disproportionate standing next to the 6'2, solidly built Buckley?

You know the drill, share your thoughts and Confirm or Debunk this info below. . .
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