UPDATED: First Official Captain America Wish List!!!

<font color="red">UPDATED</font>: First Official Captain America Wish List!!!

Want to see who Joe Johnston and Marvel are officially looking at to fill Captain America's boots? Check it out.

This from Deadline.com:

"I've learned that Marvel Studios and director Joe Johnston are ready to test candidates for Captain America, and I’ve got their wish list. I’m told that the contenders include Chace Crawford, John Krasinski, Scott Porter, Mike Vogel and Michael Cassidy. They also wanted Garrett Hedlund, but he so far hasn’t made a test deal."

FINALLY! Concrete news! This debunks a few of the past rumors. Nikki goes on to talk about the salary for the actor who gets the role being at $300,000 for the first movie, but get this, the actor who gets the gig has to sign on for a nine picture deal! That's a total of ten films with at least a Captain America cameo in it, obviously including The Avengers!

Here are the actors.

Chace Crawford

John Krasinski

Scott Porter

Mike Vogel

Michael Cassidy

Garrett Hedlund is also in the hunt.

Go tell your Momma the good Captain will be around for awhile!

UPDATED: A source over at schofizzymoviereview.blogspot.com is saying that he has been sitting on the rumor that John Krasinski has the Captain America role all but officially locked in. Meaning John is the Man! No official confirmation but stay tuned for further announcements!
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