CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 SPOILER: Winter Soldier On The Attack Scene Described

CAPTAIN AMERICA 2 SPOILER: Winter Soldier On The Attack Scene Described

This morning in Cleveland, the Winter Soldier is on the attack on the set of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. If you want to know more about the scene, SPOILER ALERT, you can read more after the jump...


You've been warned.

The following is a description of this morning's scene on Cleveland's Memorial Shoreway overpass for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as seen with The Daily SuperHero's own eyes.

As you've seen in photos earlier today, the Winter Soldier is riding on top of a vehicle and in this vehicle are what appeared to be his personal armed posse. After the vehicle stops the minions get out with machine guns poised to fire and the Winter Soldier gets off the hood of the vehicle.

The Winter Soldier is carrying a grenade launcher and raises is at a vehicle that had both the doubles for the Black Widow and Falcon (or Sam Wilson, whichever way he is called in this film). He let's off a blast. His fellows-in-arms open fire as well. Sadly, the photo taken of the Winter Soldier with the launcher was obscured and blurry.

Our heroes take cover from the blast and gunshots and it appeared they were preparing themselves for some hand-to-hand fighting versus the Winter Soldier and his armed buddies. Winter Soldier and his posse versus the Black Widow and Falcon?!

But the big questions still remain... where is Steve Rogers? Will Captain America show up to finally battle the Winter Soldier, and help his friends, in this scene?

UPDATE: Cap has arrived on the scene! Finally!

Stay tuned because things are starting to get interesting. In the meantime, check out the photos below of this scene and a video as well.

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