Micro-News: Chris Evans Nearing End On WINTER SOLDIER, Cobie Smulders On WONDER WOMAN & Colin Farell On WARCRAFT

Micro-News: Chris Evans Nearing End On WINTER SOLDIER, Cobie Smulders On WONDER WOMAN & Colin Farell On WARCRAFT

Re-shoots for Captain America: The Winter Soldier are almost complete. Cobie Smulders talks Wonder Woman. Colin Farell still not sure about the Warcraft movie.

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Total Film spoke to Cobie Smulders prior to Gal Gadot being revealed to have landed the role of Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman. Smulders is voicing Wonder Woman in The Lego Movie but would she be up for playing the Princess of Themyscira in a live-action movie? Said Smulders, "Wonder Woman is such an amazing character. But she's very iconic, so it's scary stuff. It's scary stuff with big shoes. I'm open to everything. I think it would be awesome, but who knows. I'm happy doing these great films like Delivery Man and being Maria Hill [in Avengers]. If Wonder Woman comes up, I'll think about it then. Obviously I'd love to be a part of it if anything ever happened. But there's nothing going on." Obviously, Gadot went on to win the role and it's unlikely Smulders was ever even considered. Still, her words about the role being scary for any actress has a certain amount of truth to them.

Chris Evans (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) is currently filming reshoots [or pick-ups] but there's only 1 week left to go. UPDATE: It's unclear whether Evans is referring to Captain America: The Winter Soldier or his debut feature film as a director, 1:30 Train. Either way, reshoots/pick-ups for Winter Soldier are either in progress or gearing up to start fairly soon according to HitFix.

The main cast for Duncan Jones' Warcraft movie was recently announced [Paula Patton, Ben Foster, Dominic Cooper, Travis Fimmel, Rob Kazinsky and Toby Kebbell] but Colin Farell's name was not on the list. That was surprising as Farell was long rumored to be up for one of the leads. Is he officially not joining the project or are negotiations still ongoing? Talking to ScreenRant, Farell commented "Don’t know what is happening yet. I read the script, the script is phenomenal but I don’t know what is happening."

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