While browsing TV Tropes, I came upon some interesting details on the upcoming Marvel production that I haven't seen anywhere else

Take it with a grain of salt, but someone at TVTropes updated the Captain America: The Winter Soldier page with new tropes based on info that hasn't been released in any trailer or press release so far(as far as I know) which means that he or she either saw a rough cut of the movie or he or she is full of shit.

Whatever the case may be, here are some of the new info. You can read the entire Tropes page on the link below.


-The kiss that Black Widow and Cap share that was leaked a few months ago is indeed just a ploy to divert attention BUT it does cause some feelings to develop between the two, making them a romantic pair;

-Sharon Carter is disguised as Kate Neville, another SHIELD Agent in the comics;

-Peggy Carter suffers from Alzheimer's and, despite that and her age, apparently takes an active part in an action scene;

-SHIELD mandates that Cap go see a shrink called Dr. Sofen aka Karla Sofen aka Moonstone;

(Cap never goes to see her though)

-HAMMER is introduced as a Black Ops division of SHIELD;

-As they go undercover, Falcon uses the codename Lemar Hoskins and Natasha uses the codename Yelena Bolova, both characters from the comics;

-Redford's character (Pierce) is indeed a vilain, as one scene shows him and Brock Rumlow toturing Cap in a chair that was leaked in a photo months ago but taken down;

-Pierce and Fury met during the Vietnam War (and apparently survived a Bolivian ambush together as a nod to Redford's movie Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid) while Sam Wilson served in Iraq;

-As a nod to his job as a Social Worker in the comics, Sam Wilson is a counselor to soldiers suffering from PTSD;

-Machete is in this movie as a mercenary chasing Cap. His nationality was changed from South American to Ugandan;

So, what do you think? Truth or Bull? If it's true, would you like it? Sound off bellow.
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