Cast Member Shares Thoughts on Captain America Movie Scene & Suit

Cast Member Shares Thoughts on Captain America Movie Scene & Suit

One of the members of Chris Evans/Steve Rogers' fictional unit talks briefly about a recently shot scene he was a part of as well as the title character's 1940s suit...

Patrick Currier, an actor portraying a soldier in the fictitious US Army Camp Lehigh for Marvel Studios' Captain America movie, has been keeping fans updated on the progress of production. Recently, Currier sent out a series of messages concerning one of the latest scenes he was involved in. Via this Twitter page:

- Shooting a rally scene today & saw the 1940's cap costume. It's ermmmm... Suprising? I think it will change throughout the flick.

- Basically costume looked shit! Tights etc ala Adam West era Batman. However, found out for def that it improves loads!

- Apparently he starts out in a rubbish suit (on purpose) and then it gets upgraded to a badass one. Phew! I feared the worst!

- Can I add that Chris Evans seems like a super nice guy. He was joking with us and chatting in between takes. Kept up morale.

- ...All the more sad that we basically just had to bully him all day for the scene.

An important point that can be drawn from this brief summery is the confirmation of the Jack Kirby-esque era Captain America costume Chris Evans will be wearing for part of the film. There has been no final word as to how many suit changes Evans will transition through throughout the film.

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