Chris Evans On Why The "Man Out Of Time" Scene Was Cut From THE AVENGERS

Chris Evans On Why The "Man Out Of Time" Scene Was Cut From THE AVENGERS

Chris Evans comments on both the success of Marvel's The Avengers and why he believes it was the right choice to cut out the "Man Out Of Time" scene from the superhero ensemble. The actor also goes on to discuss his gruelling training schedule for Captain America: The Winter Solider.

"[The] third biggest of all time? You never think that much," Chris Evans told HitFix at the Toronto Film Festival earlier this week when asked to share to his thoughts on the box office success of Marvel's The Avengers. Talk then turned to the scene (which leaked online not too long ago) featuring Steve Rogers discovering that Peggy Carter is still alive and that the Howling Commandos have all died in the decades which have passed since WWII.

"It was a good piece of the movie, but I think it didn't make it because that's for 'Captain America 2'. I think when you cut the whole movie together I think Joss said, 'That's a different story. That's Cap's story.' So, I guess it's nice that it came out that it shows a little bit richer character for Cap, but by the same token a lot of that stuff that's for another movie. So, hopefully we can kind of still tell that story in a different way for 'Cap 2.'"

Revealing that he has yet to even speak to directors Anthony and Joe Russo, the actor talked in detail about the amount of training he will now have to go through as filming of Captain America: The Winter Soldier draws near. With Sebastian Stan set to return as 'The Winter Soldier' and Anthony Mackie signed up to play 'The Falcon', it's no surprise that Evans will have to be at peak physical fitness to bring Cap back to the big screen.

"I think the next Captain America is in March. I probably won't do anything in-between. I'd probably like a little bit of down time. I have to get into shape for that and I like to take a couple of months to train. It's gonna be at least two months of training. I am not looking forward to it. I mean, I like going to the gym, but these are not gym sessions buddy. You don't even know dude. I'm puking at these gym sessions. It's two hours every day and it's brutal man. I don't do a lot of cardio because I'm not trying to lose weight, but gain weight. But, it's big weights and you're just so long. You'll be working out and you'll be, 'How long have I been here? Only 35 min? I still have another hour here.' And you just leave the gym unable to move. You just know you have to do it tomorrow. It's a chore."

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