Captain America: The Winter Soldier will soon be hitting screens world wide and Chris Evans is doing all he can to promote the Sentinel's sequel. Hit the jump to see the full interview!

Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier is coming in fast, and the Sentinel of Liberty himself has been talking to ScreenRant.

When asked about where we meet Steve at the start of the film and whether or not he's comfortable with his new "modern" life, Chris had this to say:

Sure, well, he feels comfortable within the structure that he’s given. He likes to serve. He likes to take orders. He’s like a herding dog. He needs a task. And I think the issue in the first two, ‘Captain America’ and the ‘Avengers’ – well, ‘Captain America’ was about giving him the opportunity. Then he got the opportunity, and then he was thrust into a different world. And in ‘Avengers’, there were so many characters, it’s tough to kind of spend too much with any one. And on this one, it’s about him trying to not just acclimate to the modern world, but it’s always been Cap’s goal to do what’s right and to be of service, to help where he can.

In this movie, I think the question is, well, what is right? I think it was a lot easier in the ’40s to know who the evil was. There’s no disputing Nazis are bad. And now, it becomes a little bit more of a difficult answers. There’s a lot more of a grey area. What is the right thing? And are you of service to that cause? That’s where it becomes a tricky dispute for Cap because things were just done differently in the 40s. Threats are different now, and precautionary measures are taken now, can be questionable and somewhat suspect in his eyes. So it’s a tough hurdle for him to jump.

He was also asked about how his relationship with the characters (new and old) have come along. Here's what Chris thinks:

Well, I think it’s brought in more of a human direction. Cap’s such a good guy, it’s hard for him to bleed. Not just literally, but figuratively, you know what I mean? He doesn’t want to burden anyone with his struggles, and unfortunately, that’s what makes characters dynamic and interesting. So any way we can push him in more of a human direction where he does show weakness, and he does struggle, and he does connect with people and show vulnerability, I think that grounds him a little built. It just makes him more interesting. So all the relationships, especially with Natasha and with Sam. Even though we do have the Winter Soldier, he’s more of like – we’re doing third act stuff right now – so for the meat of the film, the majority of the film, the connections that he makes, I think, really bring him to life are with Natasha and Sam.

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