Chris Evans Talks Steve Rogers Physical Transformation!

Chris Evans Talks Steve Rogers Physical Transformation!

Chris Evans gives the scoop on how Steve Rogers will go from frail to brawn in Captain America:The First Avenger.

Chris Evans talked with MTV at Comic Con in San Diego and answered one of the questions many have been wondering about. How would the studio transform Steve rogers from a frail young man into the perfect physical specimen we know as Captain America?

"They got some great stuff going on right now. Initially they were going to do all body replacement — hire another actor completely and have this skinny body do the scene and do face replacement, but I guess the first couple tests weren't what they were hoping it would be, and then they decided to go with just shrinking me down. They did a couple tests. It looks fantastic and it's really going to be a big transition."

"It's absolutely one character, I think he's little Steve through and through, even after he goes through the transformation. I think you want the audience, even in the final frame of the film, to look at him and see the little guy."

Hawksblueyes: I have to say I had doubts about this movie but all the news I see tells me it's in pretty good hands.

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