Chris Evans Was Nervous About Captain America: TFA After Seeing The First Trailer

Chris Evans Was Nervous About <i>Captain America: TFA</i> After Seeing The First Trailer

Bit of a rewind here, but while speaking to Chicago's Suntimes about his new movie Puncture Evans reveals that he wasn't quite so confident in Captain America's success as we might have thought..

Nothing in the way of news here but I thought it was interesting that Evans wasn't too confident about Joe Johnston's Captain America: TFA upon viewing the trailer. Something echoed by many here on CBM. Of course his fears proved unnecessary as the movie was a big success, but check out what he has to say to Suntimes..

“The weekend of opening, I was really nervous,” actor Chris Evans says about the superhero movie that changed his life. “It needed to be a hit. Who knows why it’s a hit? There’s no rhyme or reason why something works or not in this business.

“When I saw the first trailer for the film, I thought, ‘It’s not going to work,’ ” he says. “Now, people love it.”

Just goes to show you that even being shot in practically every scene in a movie doesn't always assuage an actor's doubts about what kind of finished product the edit might produce. Notice Evans says "now PEOPLE love it" and not he does. Is it possible he was unhappy with the movie in some way? Doesn't really matter either way, it has made a lot of money both at home and overseas and is by far one of the most popular CBMs we have had so far.


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