Chris signs for 9; Sebastian for 5 or 6

Chris signs for 9; Sebastian for 5 or 6

Chris signs for 9; Sebastian for 5 or 6

Chris Evans has signed on for 9 films, and Sebastian Stan has signed on for 5 or 6. Click it to read.

This was on ecanadanow:

Carter Baizen from “Gossip Girl” will now take on the comic world as Bucky Barnes, Captain America’s sidekick.

26-year-old Sebastian Stan, who is also known as Carter on “Gossip Girl,” has been cast as Bucky Barnes for the upcoming “The First Avenger: Captain America.” Stan had actually come in to audition for the role of Captain America, which went to Chris Evans, but apparently the producers liked him enough to make him Bucky Barnes.

Bucky Barnes is the teenaged orphan, who is not old enough to join the army in the comic series, so he joins Captain America to take on the Nazis. Bucky dies in the final World War II adventure but, in 2005, came back to life as political assassin Winter Soldier. Producers feel that the younger generations will be able to identify with this character.

Aside from “Gossip Girl,” Stan has also starred in “The Covenant,” “Red Dawn,” “Black Swan,” and the new horror movie, “The Apparition.”

According to sources, Stan has signed on for five or six movies and Evans signed on for eight additional movies. Sources say that Evans’ movies will include two Captain America sequels, three Avengers movies, and three potential crossover films.

Shooting for the film begins this summer.

It sounds good to me. I mean, 9 films to be on the safe side, like Sam Jackson.
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