Concept Art For Captain America's Red Skull Revealed

Concept Art For <i>Captain America's</i> Red Skull Revealed

We have yet to see what Hugo Weaving will look like as The Red Skull, but this may be our first glimpse as these concept designs have gone online..

What do you think? The art certainly resembles the previous leaked pics of Cap himself which turned out to be legit. It's interesting that in the image on the right Red Skull is holding the Cosmic Cube as he was shown ding in his human form in the recent pic posted my DCMF. But it could still be some fan art made to look like the real thing. If on the other hand these are legit, expect Hugo Weaving to look something like this when he is finally unveiled in live action as the villainous Red Skull. Confirm or debunk below.

Update: I have confirmation that this is indeed official concept art for Red Skull. But there is a bit of hulabaloo brewing about them being leaked so I'm not sure how long this will stay up.

Captain America: The First Avenger hits theatres July 22, 2011

Thanks to "Hungry Joe" for the pic.

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