Could ‘Captain America 2′ Be Pushed Back To Summer 2014?

Could ‘Captain America 2′ Be Pushed Back To Summer 2014?

Marvel Studios is confident in taking bigger risks going forward, and evidently, is beginning to experiment using “Phase Two” to see just how powerful their brand is. For the first time since its inception as a self-financed production house, Marvel Studios is going to begin releasing films outside of the key summer movie season.

Iron Man takes his normal slot opening up the summer for its first week of May release. After that, Marvel hits a path of uncertain territory. Thor: The Dark World hits theaters in November and Captain America: The Winter Soldier tries out a spring release date in April,while Guardians of the Galaxy takes an usual August slot.

The strangest thing is that Marvel purposely switched their movies to these spots and away from its normal summer weekends their had previously claimed before announcing their films.

Thor was suppose to be released July 26 this year(which is in the summer) but has changed dates twice (Thor: The Dark World is currently going to be released on November 28th of this year).

Captain America: The Winter Soldier was given a April 2014 release date ( a few weeks before The Avengers movie hit theaters), moving ahead instead of coming out mid-May, and after the release of The Avengers, moved the unannounced Guardians of the Galaxy from its June 2014 slot further back to August.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier was suppose to begin shooting in March(next month). We have now learned that the Captain America sequel is being delayed and will be pushed back a few months to June. Thats two months of lost production time and a 10-month start-to-finish timeline. With that knowledge there is a slight chance the films release date could change to a summer 2014 release date.

Cap’s next adventure will release in 3D!

Iron Man 3 releases May 3, 2013, Thor: The Dark World on November 8, 2013, Captain America: The Winter Soldier on April 4, 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy on August 1, 2014, The Avengers 2 on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on November 6, 2015 and Doctor Strange sometime after that.

Will you be ok with Captain America: The Winter Soldier getting pushed back?
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