Creator of "Leaked" Captain America Teaser Poster Steps Forward to Debunk the Rumor

Creator of "Leaked" Captain America Teaser Poster Steps Forward to Debunk the Rumor

Creator of "Leaked" <i>Captain America</i> Teaser Poster Steps Forward to Debunk the Rumor

Dutch graphic designer Paul Poppenburg contacted ComicBookMovie directly and officially lays to rest the claim his image has any association with the Marvel Studios' film.

The "leaked" teaser poster which was originally posted by has now been disseminated all over the internet. Even though I was able to debunk it's validity personally the other day, it appears the damage has already been done and many news sites are still reporting it to be official.

Today, the poster's creator contacted ComicBookMovie and asked that we publish his email; in which he lays claim to the image:


You have recently posted an article about the alleged “official” Captain America teaser poster. Since Joblo has already removed the article, I am contacting you. My name is Paul Poppenburg, I am a 23-year old graphic designer from the Netherlands and I am the creator of that teaser poster. The teaser was posted on my portfolio ( about a week and a half ago and unfortunately someone has taken it of off there and has sent it to several websites. If someone is claiming it to be their own, please let me know.

I have read all comments on your site and while most were negative (I don’t really understand why), some were positive so thanks to those who liked it! A little bit of information about the design:

1. I have used Cap’s iconic shield as to me, it would be a perfect teaser and I have a feeling we will see something similar for the official poster.

2. The shield was made entirely from scratch by using the tools in Photoshop and I tried to make it look realistic by using the lighting effects feature in Photoshop (but it seems to some I have failed). The sparks were actually used to give the effect of ricocheting bullets.

3. The bricks were done intentionally as a reference to the dark and cold period of World War 2 and as you may know, a lot of the concentration camps had similar bricks.

4. The titles and tagline were also made by me.

While I do not have a problem with people posting the image to promote the film in articles such as yours, I do have a problem with people (ab)using the poster (whether in parts or in whole) and claiming it to be their own or to profit from it so I urge everyone who as used my poster in their own fanmade posters to remove everything that was taken from mine (that includes the title design and billing block!). I made this poster purely as a portfolio piece and I have no intention of using it commercially.

Thanks for the support! Please publish this email in its entirety to clear this issue.

With best regards,

Paul Poppenburg

And there you have it. If neither's removal of the source article nor my relayed statement from a Marvel Studios rep wasn't enough to clear up the issue, this should certainly do it.

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