Debunked: New Captain America Spoilers Revealed!

<font color="red">Debunked:</font> New <i>Captain America</i> Spoilers Revealed!

New spoilers have been revealed for Marvel's Captain America: The First Avenger movie, including specs on Red Skull's lair of villainy, and Howard Stark's Stark Industries. Check it Out!

Continued from the same source, CineComics.Fr who've provided several spoilers for Marvel's Joe-Johnston-directed Captain America: The First Avenger film, has revealed even more. These new spoilers consist of details on Red Skull's HYDRA lair of villainy, as well Howard Stark's role with Stark Industries. While they're not too spoilery, read them at your own will. {Google Translated}

Apparently, these spoilers have been said to be fake by a few amigos, so take them with a grain of salt for now. Sorry!

  • Howard Stark, Tony Stark's father who later became Iron Man, will be an ally for Steve Rogers (Captain America). This scientist excited by the possibilities of tomorrow's world is truly a passionate creator. Howard is also fabricated, by a team of scientists, the shield of Captain America.

  • On the set of the film, Rick Heinrichs confirms that they are undergoing some contruction sets [not only including] fairs of New York [where] Steve & Howard will meet for the first time, but also a famous flag of Stark Industries!

  • The connection between the Marvel Universe is perfect, one wonders what will be the involvement of the firm Stark Industries in helping Captain America but also to government and U.S. troops.

  • The big villain of Captain America will install its secret camp in France. Indeed, the Red Skull who is constantly developing new weapons, new vehicles and new strategies to advance his army Hydra in the conquest of the world's plant secret hideout in the Alps.

    Rick Heinrichs, art director in filming of Captain America Red Skull reveals that install its mark in France.
    "It is an ultramodern complex, carved into a mountain in the Alps, which houses a laboratory and a huge hangar in which Hydra built several machines Top Secret War, including a huge bomber."

  • Captain America is likely to be parachuted into a mission around the Alps. The plot which will take place during the Second World War Captain America leads logically to the French front, despite the late arrival of the U.S. in the conflict.

  • In this benchmark, the Red Skull will learn to use and manage the incredible power of the Cosmic Cube. He discovered such that the cube also has the power to transform itself into a portal that opens to other dimensions of space time ...

  • It is logical that the final battle should also take place in the secret hideout of the Red Skull. We look forward to this ultimate battle between the charismatic Captain America and Red Skull disturbing.

    Dr. Erskine is played by actor Stanley Tucci in the film Captain America: The Fisrt Avenger. Former German scholar, he managed to escape the Nazis and decided to devote himself to studies on a process to create a man with superhuman strength. In the context of war, this new method aims to create super soldiers sent to the front.

Captain America: The First Avenger is slated to launch in theaters July 22, in the infamous 3D!
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