Dominic Cooper On His Captain America Experience!

Dominic Cooper On His <i>Captain America</i> Experience!

The actor who plays Howard Stark talks briefly about his experiences while working on a "finely oiled operation" like Captain America: The First Avenger...

The actor, who plays Howard Stark (father of Tony "Iron Man" Stark) in the WWII set movie, has talked briefly with Herald Scotland about his experiences so far of working on a big budget film like Captain America. And although he doesnt reveal anything about his role, it seems like director Joe Johnston is doing a fine job so far.

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"It’s amazing being around such professionals, such a finely oiled operation. At the same time, the amount of waiting around as scenes are perfected has been something of a culture shock."

"It’s a funny one. You spend all this time going, 'God, I can't do another one of these independent films where I’m carrying the camera myself across a river to make the shot. I want to do big budget.' Then suddenly you are on a big-budget movie and you miss the guerilla filming of doing an independent."

Are you looking forward to seeing the British actor play Howard Stark in the upcoming Marvel Studios movie? Share your thoughts in the usual place! Captain America: The First Avenger will be released on July 22, 2011.

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