EDITORIAL: The Problem with Captain America

EDITORIAL: The Problem with Captain America

We can do better with America's hero..

I thought Captain america and the Avengers were great movies. But the portrayal could have been loads better. While Chris evans was a decent steve rogers he never really felt like Captain America. It just doesnt strike me that hes as strong willed and imposing as he could be.

The main problem with Cap in these films are,

- He is WAY to small to be captain america. I mean look how small Cap was in the Avengers he ways nothing like this:

Captain America in the MCU is about the Size of Spidey. What kind of stuff is this. how can i believe he can take on the likes of Hulk, and Thor like in the comics. In the Next film Cap need to be bigger point blank. A golden age size Cap just doesnt right against much more imposing heroes like Ironman.

- Too little time as Captain america. We see little of Captain America in these films. I get no sense of patriotism in the Character or a strong Leadership quality. I think this is because Even tough first Avenger was good, they montaged through two years of "Captain America" activities and adventure. If they had only broken First Avenger into two films we might have Finally seen him be the Strong leader he is like in the final scene in avengers.

- Very little chracter development. I mean anyone Who saw both Captain America and Avengers couldnt really connect with Cap as they could have with Tony stark, Thor, and even the Hulk. I mean agent coulson had more character Development than Cap. All we know about cap is that hes a kid from brooklyn, has super powers and used to be weak, and fought in world war two. thats it. You never really feel like, you do when Thor hits the screen. You know hes a God, he used to be sort of a dick, and he changed his ways. Captain america, just a nerd with super powers.

- and lastly, We need to know whats so great about a guy with a shield. I mean really most super grunts in the Marvel U are as strong as captain america so why do i want to watch a film with him in it. It is because he is great at what he does and its never Really seen in the movies. I mean if were assuming that he is as strong as 616 captain america he needs to be belivable that he could punch mark ruffalos Hulk in the face and send him crashing into a building.

You cant really see that realistically. why did they have him throw his shield and Thor "bring the hammer down." They should have had him Throw both of them around and make you belive that in a battle against Chitauri and loki this is the Guy I wana be taking orders from.

I dont think it was the actors fault but the writers. I could see for errors in Avengers trying to balance everything but In first avenger they should have just slowed down and make a movie and not an Avengers one shot prequel. I enjoyed these movies cause it was Cap but, come on hes Americas hero. Do better in Winter Solider.
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