EXCLUSIVE: Loads Of New Information On Captain America Filming In Manchester!

<font color= red>EXCLUSIVE:</font> Loads Of New Information On <i>Captain America</i> Filming In Manchester!

A Manchester local has got in touch and revealed all sorts of details about the transformation the city streets are currently undergoing as well as more information on an explosive action sequence that will be filmed there next week...

Paul McIntyre (CBM user paulmc107) contacted me earlier today with some detailed descriptions of the work that they're currently doing in Manchester in order to turn the streets into 1940's New York. As you can see below, they're taking this all very seriously and are clearly doing their best to make it all look as authentic as possible.

"I see they are taking all the modern signs down today and cleaning all the windows in the buildings. It looks like one modern shop will double as a 1940's Furniture store (as they props have in the second floor windows)"

"I also notice they are rendering the floor in what looks like a mock up store between two buildings. Possibly a hotel? A Pharmacy Store is going up on the corner of Dale street."

"Spied a fruit and veg store signs "...Bros Fresh Fruit Store" was all I could see in the rain. I believe there is a flag store sign with the name "T Roth" on it waiting to go up."

Still not convinced of the hard work they're doing to turn 2010 Manchester into 1940 New York? Paul also, "...saw one guy painting each brick to give it that original look." As I said above, Marvel are certaintly making sure that Captain America will be as authentic looking as possible! Another fact he shared with me was that, "...some of the stores people can enter others are just fake fronts." Will they also film interior scenes looking out on the action taking place outside? What action is that you ask? Well, the following letter was handed out to locals who live and work in the area revealing details on the type of scene that they plan on filming in the streets of Manchester!

"The scenes we are filming are compromised of an action sequence that will involve a car chase, special effects and a simulated car explosion. There will also be around 60 period American Cars on the street. Due to this we are going to try and keep the road as clear of members of the public as much as possible, obviously we will do our best not to disrupt your daily comings and goings and hope that alternative routes will be adequate, we will try and walk people through the set if necessary but there may be waits of up to 10-15 minutes if the cameras are about to roll."

Thanks of course to Paul for taking the time to visit the set and share these juicy bits of info! Hopefully, he'll be able to grab a few photos in the couple of days so keep your eyes peeled to CBM for some more great pictures from Captain America: The First Avenger!

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