EXCLUSIVE: Official Captain America Movie Logo Possibly Revealed

EXCLUSIVE: Official <i>Captain America</i> Movie Logo Possibly Revealed

Yesterday we saw what might be the first logo for Marvel Studios' THOR, and today another image emerges that could be a teaser for Captain America: The First Avenger

The Captain America movie officially begins filming this month in London, England and Manhattan Beach, CA, with an already confirmed cast of Chris Evans (Steve Rogers/Captain America), Sebastian Stan (Bucky Barnes), Hayley Atwell (Peggy Carter), Hugo Weaving (Johann Schmidt/Red Skull) and Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury). Today, courtesy of another reliable source that goes by the name RealIrOnMaN, we have what may possibly be the official logo for the film, which is slated to hit theaters July 22nd, 2011:

As opposed to the tentative THOR movie logo we saw yesterday, there isn't anything stellar about this teaser as it fits the Captain America theme fans expect.

As stated previously, a representative of Marvel Studios can hopefully either confirm or deny the validity of this image so eager fans won't have to wait until San Diego Comic Con this July for an answer.

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