EXCLUSIVE: Photo's From Captain America:The First Avenger Set in Caerwent!

<font color=red><b>EXCLUSIVE:</b></font color> Photo's  From <i>Captain America:The First Avenger</i> Set in Caerwent!

As we know Captain America:the First Avenger has been filming in Caerwent. Check out what appears to be the first set photo's of some night time action sequences being filmed.

Here are some pics of the Caerwent Captain America set. Keep in mind that I couldn't get on the set, so there isn't too much to look at. I did see some interesting things though. Almost 90% sure I got a glimpse of Red Skull, not like up close or anything though, saw a tank, a truck, a big tower with searchlights, the director and the crew and some extras dressed as soldiers with guns standing off camera.

We couldn't get on the set because security was tight and because its an old army base, it has high fences and such, so we just stood at the fences which was about 50-60 meters from the filming.

To view the rest of the photo's click on the link below.

I have some vids that will upload if you want and you can laugh at a friend and mine's irish accent as we comment on it lol.
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