Few More Captain America Set Images And Short Set Footage Captured

Few More <i>Captain America</i> Set Images And Short Set Footage Captured

From the 'Victory In Europe Day' scene filmed for Marvel's upcoming Captain America movie, check out a few more set images; plus very short set footage captured.

In addition to the set images posted Sunday, WENN has provided a few more images from the set of Captain America: The First Avenger. Not to dissimilar, the images are from the same 'Victory In Europe Day' scene which was filmed last Sunday in Trafalgar Square, in London, England. Only giving us a glimpse of forties era props, including vintage cars being delivered to the set occupied by dozens of extras dressed in period clothing, you can check out the images below.

Also, Benjamin Ryan who was visiting the area, emailed me fairly short footage captured as director Joe Johnston yelled ACTION!. He says that he didn't wait around for long as he wasn't aware that it was Captain America being filmed. And if the British flags being waved by extras wasn't enough to leave him befuddled, the steward told him it was a TV drama called frostbite, which is the working title for the movie.

You gotta love the atmosphere of this thing. Anyhow Captain America: The First Avenger is still scheduled for release in 3D, July 22nd next year, with Chris Evans set lead as the Captain.
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