First Look At Chris Evans On The Captain America TFA Set

First Look At Chris Evans On The Captain America TFA Set

First Look At Chris Evans On The <em>Captain America TFA</em> Set

After countless set construction pics we finally got our first glimpse at some cast members yesterday with Hayley Atwell's Peggy Carter. Now we have the first shots of Cap himself, Chris Evans, on set. And fans can rest easy, he's blonde(ish:)

Here we have the first shots of Chris Evans as Steve Rogers on the Captain America TFA set in Liverpool. This scene appears to be a continuation of the shots from yesterday showing Hayley Atwell as Peggy Carter shooting after a car. I would assume that the pic with Evans and Atwell on the ground depicts Rogers tackling her out of the way of another car intent on running her over. Just a guess of course.

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We haven't seen anything from Evans aside from concept art since he was announced as being cast in the role and some fans were concerned about his appearance. Well as you can see he is sporting Roger's trademark blonde(albeit not peroxide!) locks and has also bulked up considerably.

Because of the obvious tightness of the T-Shirt and the short capri-style pants that Chris is wearing, CBMers are already speculating that this scene is in the aftermath of "Project Rebirth" where a skinny Steve Rogers "hulks out", gaining musculature that makes him into the peak of human physical perfection.

Thanks to CBM'er Starsaphire, we also have this set vid showing Evans chasing a car. I guess that explains those weird feet cover things!

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