Full Trailer For Captain America: TFA This Coming Tuesday?

Full Trailer For <i>Captain America: TFA</i> This Coming Tuesday?

It seems as if we may finally get a look at some new footage of Marvel's Captain America movie as ET will take a "first look" early next week. Update: Looks like we will have the full trailer too, click for the details..

We have word that ET will take a lok at Joe Johnston's Catain America this Tuesday, 22nd of March. No info on what exactly will be shown but this is what we do know thanks to the ever reliable RealIronMan..

Tuesday (3/22/11) = Entertainment Tonight's First Look at "The First Avenger: Captain America".

There was word that ET would be doing a piece on the movie a good while back because they advertised as much. Well, they will finally be running it on Tuesday. New footage will of course be hoped for, but don't get your hopes up too much. Could just be behind the scenes shots and interview with the cast and crew. Although "first look" would suggest, well, a first look. Keep em peeled for more details.

Update: Apparently as well as the ET preview, the FULL trailer will debut online too! ETA is said to be about an hour before the ET show on Tuesday night. Nothing dead certain just yet, but it's a safe bet. Thr trailer is expected to air on Yahoo Movies, but again, not 100%. Confirmation as soon as we can.

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