Grainy Footage Captured of Captain America Filming In Manchester!

Grainy Footage Captured of <i>Captain America</i> Filming In Manchester!

Check out these couple of videos captured on the Brooklyn NY/Manchester set of Captain America where we get a glimpse of a shoot out being filmed.

Filming has commenced for Captain America at the accurately built "1940s New York" set in Manchester, expected to last up to two weeks. Though many of the locals were blocked out, a few others managed to capture portions of a what seems to be shoot-out taking place under Joe Johnston''s direction.

Captain America himself, Chris Evans, wasn't spotted on the set, yet. While filming is currently underway, it's believed that Tommy Lee Jones & Samuel L. Jackson are in the area in their "Col. Chester Phillips" & "Nick Fury" guises.

UPDATE: Thanks to CBM's "Starsapphire", we have a much clearer footage.

Apparently there will be a "practice shop explosion" this afternoon, while filming of the "real explosion" will take place in a couple of days. So expect more videos & images in the coming hours.

And Captain America: The First Avenger hits theaters July 22, next year1
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