Hayley Atwell Hints at Raunchy Hi jinks on the Set of Captain America:The First Avenger

Hayley Atwell Hints at Raunchy Hi jinks on the Set of <i>Captain America:The First Avenger</i>

Follow the jump to see what kind of "ADULT" themed horseplay took place on the set of Captain America:The First Avenger

Most of us who enjoyed Marvels latest offering Captain America:The First Avenger found it to be a throwback to a less flamboyant time filled with old fashioned values. However, actress Hayley Atwell had some interesting things to say before the films release in a Nylon Magazine article about the "harmless" fun and goofing around that took place on set, during shooting breaks between herself and friend Dominic Cooper.

From the Nylon Magazine article Patriot Games via ANT.AG...

“We got up to a lot of mischief on set. There was a lot of waiting around, so he’d get out his iPhone and make videos of the characters when they think they’re not being watched. Like [my character] Peggy Carter giving Captain America a b#/#job in the cock pit of the plane. I spoke to Dominic yesterday and he threatened to put the video on YouTube once the movie comes out."

Hawksblueyes: Sounds to me like they managed to have a blast shooting the film.
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