Hayley Atwell Would Love To Be In The Captain America Sequel

Hayley Atwell Would Love To Be In The <i>Captain America</i> Sequel

While sitting down for an interview, Haley Atwell talked a little bit about wanting to reprise her role as Peggy Carter in the sequel to Marvel's smash hit Captain America: The First Avenger. She also says she wasn't disappointed about not being in The Avengers.

Hayley Atwell took time out of her scheduel to sit down with the Press Association where she said it would be "Wonderful" to come back and play Peggy Carter a upcoming Captain America sequel. She also touched on not being in Cap's new adventure The Avengers, as well as what Joe Johnston did that made Peggy such a great character.

On returning on the Captain America sequel as Peggy Carter.

"I haven't heard anything. There have been talks... there's a possibility. I know they're either writing it now or they have written it by now, so I've moved on in another direction, but of course if they were to bring me back or ask if I was interested I'd definitely love to go back and revisit that role and develop her. That would be wonderful."

On Not Being In The Avengers:

"There are fans of the comic and of Peggy and Steve's relationship that would probably want to see more of that, but for me as an actor it frees me up from a franchise. It frees me up creatively from being too established as one particular role, which gives me more creative freedom."

On Joe Johnstons character development for Peggy:

"He wanted to bring an emotional truth or a gravitas to it, so that she wasn't just the totty and she wasn't also the stereotype hard a**e. He likes intelligent, strong women. He's not intimidated by that, and I think that's what gives Peggy more weight."

So with her not being in The Avengers it will be interesting to see if they do set the Cap sequel back in the 40's and explore their relationship a little further, or if they will keep it modern and introduce Peggy's niece Sharon. Be sure to check out Hayley Atwell in Captain America: The First Avenger in stores NOW!!!!

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