Michael Giacchino Doing The Score For Captain America: The First Avenger?

Michael Giacchino Doing The Score For Captain America: The First Avenger?

Michael Giacchino Doing The Score For <i>Captain America: The First Avenger</i>?

It's been revealed on several different forums that the critically acclaimed composer of scores on everything from Lost to Call of Duty has been offered the job of doing the soundtrack for Captain America...

This story started off at the John Williams Fan Network forums, made its way on over to the Film Score message boards, and was eventually discovered by a few of the users over at SuperHeroHype. While it would be easy to pass it off as the typical nonsense you sometimes see in these sorts of places, the fact that it started off on a site dedicated to scores rather than a comic book related one, adds a little weight to it I think.

Giacchino appears to be the top contender to score Captain America. My brother's roommate works for Marvel, and he got tasked with the job of delivering the script to Giacchino's house. Upon delivery, he jokingly prodded and asked if he was going to do it. Giacchino said there's a good possibility, and that it might be done with Bruce Broughton along side.

Hence why I said Mark would be very pleased


My brother further explained and said that scripts were delivered to both Giacchino and Broughton. And like I mentioned awhile back, Broughton was apparently Giacchino's mentor.

Michael Giacchino is best known for his work on movies for Disney like Up, Ratatouille and The Incredibles as well as for Paramount (who are distributing this movie remember) with films such as Star Trek, Cloverfield and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. His relationship with these studios makes it all the more likely that this rumour might just be true.

Captain America: The First Avenger is set to be released in 3D on July 22, 2011!

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