More Images From Captain America Set During 'Victory In Europe Day' Scene

More Images From <i>Captain America</i> Set  During 'Victory In Europe Day' Scene

A few more high quality set images for Marvel's upcoming Captain America movie have emerged online, further revealing a scene set on V-E Day. Check it Out!

In addition to the set image posted earlier today revealing numerous extras dressed in 40's attire, AceShowbiz has revealed even more images from Marvel's much anticipated Captain America: The First Avenger. And though Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) was not seen for the scene, the director Joe Johnston was spotted on the location.

As mentioned before, the scene is set during Victory in Europe Day. And the set images below show extras waving U.K.'s flags, sharing smiles and hugs as they reenacted the situation when the WWII Allies formally accepted the surrender of the armed forces of Nazi Germany in 1945.

From these set images, the Marvel crew & Joe Johnston are doing an excellent job of making the 40's era believable. Anyhow, Captain America: The First Avenger hits theaters July 22, next year in 3D!
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